"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."
-Steve Jobs.

Our Team

If you love random applauses, those HI5's and
the adrenaline rush that makes you rush to the office each day.
We believe that great people don't care about traffic and weather anymore.
Here our connection rule works


Staying relaxed is major. Thats means getting away without counting the number of days.UNLIMITED VACATIONS (T&C applied)


From popcorns to playing cards & chess we all love it here. Even some short outings helps that connection rule work perfect :) - Bringing some beers on the table is something everyone here likes.

Our Booster
Our Booster!

We provide FREE COFFEE and some snacks.So you can push that brain to work and think out of the box while having some coffee shots everyday.


Work here is no top secret files. Hence no cubicles and no managers. You set your own goals and challenge yourself to realize that dream. And ! you know what. We do that everyday ;)

Trooking continues to grow,so lets connect and grow together. Our internship programs let you take all the authority and responsibility. We won't make you Check files and make documents here.

We mean REAL STARTUP here. Just forgot to mention that, Opportunities here are just to Infinity like the experiences on trooking. So Choose your own Cards and work right on Awesome things. Obviously lets make Fantastic things together.

To join this awesome team quicky say 'hi' at we@trooking.com